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Flashback Friday: Appalachian Trail

Flashback Friday: Appalachian Trail

Did you see any bears?

Like many long-distance hikers, I'm met with plenty of questions when I talk about the Appalachian trail. What did you eat? Where did you sleep? Did you see any bears? Those are pretty easy to answer, but then sometimes I'm asked to sum up the entire experience--this is where I struggle. I feel like there is no real way of conveying what I saw and how I felt on a day-to-day basis. Part of the journey can seem monotonous, but everyday is still completely different. Yes, I wake up and walk everyday, yes I set up and pack up my home everyday, but I also wake up to a new view everyday, I am also met with a new struggle and triumph everyday.

So, you want to know what my days looked like? For this Flashback Friday, I've posted two journal entries I made! 

August 29, 2015

Mile 1494.8, Connecticut

Okay, so I'm setting some goals!

  1. Drink more water
  2. Stretch every evening
  3. #YogaEveryDamnDay! (mornings--at least)

Today has tested my ability to be mindful.

I reluctantly set up at the top of Mt. Prospect...I think...which is 8-10 miles from where I wanted to be. I got SUPER lost...many times. It has been a physical and mental challenge. Part of me wants to hike on, but the rational side of me thinks it's a bad idea. You win, rational me! If I were to continue on, I would lose too much elevation, which means I would lose the remaining sunlight. I'm not sure what the trail looks like beyond this spot and I would be sh*t out of luck without sun, a functioning headlamp and a visible flat spot. Proud of myself for thinking this through haha!

Man, my achilles hurt. Sandal hiking probably didn't help, but it was a nice change for a bit.

Trying to not beat myself up over today, but simultaneously getting annoyed that tomorrow will be spent trying to make up for today.

I just need to be mindful. I'm going to try my best to enjoy this moment. After all, there is still some sunlight and fresh air to enjoy. This moment is a new moment. Give good energy, get good energy.

Palms up for energy!!!

August 30, 2015

Mile: 1499--Salisbury, Connecticut


Last night was slightly rough, as far as sleep goes. Probably got around four hours. I'm in Salisbury, Connecticut charging my phone and eating breakfast. Two cheddar bacon biscuits and and almond milk chai. I'm in heaven!

I had every intention of waking up at 5AM, but when my alarm went off, I didn't move for about an hour. I packed up, did a little yoga (I'm super stiff and can't do ANY pose haha). About 0.1 mile from my camp I saw big cat, casually crossing the trail. That was a first. I froze as it walked down the ridge. The funny thing is that any other day, that wouldn't have been a big deal, but today I had 5 miles of losing elevation and switchback after switchback. I would normally be begging for that, but no, not today! I definitely felt a sense of relief when I got to the road.

Oh man, I'm sleepy but only a few miles shy of the Connecticut/Massachusetts state line.

Looks like it may rain... 

Did anyone else keep a journal while on trail? Tell us your stories or link your journals below!


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